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The Golden Card (Summary)

World’s Largest Shopping Community

We have been working on this program since 2007.

(Parts of the program started 20 years ago).

When we found out the dome needed help, we made it available to the community.

Here is our website:

Here is our info (3rd link down, right side bar)

If you bring in 100 individuals from you would earn $25,000 a year.

($495/2 = $250 x 100 = $25,000).

Please contact us.

World’s Largest Shopping Community

Is coming to Fairfield, from the United States

Money Back on Every Purchase

Huge income potential, or small – you decide

Nothing to buy or sell – no inventory

No monthly minimums

Value Cards Established in 50 states, growing

The Golden Card Benefits Card

7 Powerful Layers of the Golden Card

1) 300,000 USA Outlets with the Values Card

2) 50+ City Businesses

3) 50+ City Green Business

(This usually costs $250 per individual business – included in $30 cost)

4) 12 Top Environmentalists (12 Different Categories, One Each Month)

5) 12 Essential Basic Life Skills

(With Personal Direction from Allen and Catherine, in development for 20 years)

6) 50+ High Probability Selling Outlets (For All Above)

(Free intro with personal direction from Jacques Werth, usually costs $950)

(Learn How to Sell our Program the Right Way!)

7) Bonus: World’s Largest Art Event (Guinness World Record)

Businesses become founder’s of school’s Guinness World Record

30  Chicago Aldermen contacting 85 Schools and over 12,500 students!

Include your school in your city!

Display Founders Certification – $100’s dollars publicity

(Since 2013)