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Artwork Details

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NEW Guinness World Record Guidelines (Please Start Here)

1. We prefer artwork that is 8.5 x 11 so the best artworks can be easily scanned, made into JPEGs, and presented online to be easily printed. However, any size is OK.  Please choose the 12 best artworks and send them to us an an attachment (before the event).

2. We will be able to scan the artwork for you. You can lend us your 12 top artworks and we bring them back to you at the second event.

3. Any artwork that can be brought in an art portfolio carrying case (not framed) or box is suitable.

4. Art can be placed in sheet protectors 8.5 x 11 plastic sheet protectors (with holes for 3 ring binder).

5. We do not need to photograph or videotape artwork for the Guinness World Record Attempt. However, we are going to photograph and videotape for our website. Therefore sheet protectors are no longer necessary, unless you want to protect the artwork.

6. We will provide you with a sheet that has your name and school name for the Guinness World Record Attempt Photos and Video.

7. Please have students write their name, school, grade and age on the back of each artwork.  Please arrange alphabetically and create a loge on excel or microsoft word that corresponds to the information on the back of each artwork. 

8. Students are also required to sign their artwork. If they are to  young to write the teacher can help them.

9. For a donation small students will  be receiving a certificate of their participation in the Guinness World Record Attempt. Your school will also receive a website.

10.  We will soon start a Kickstarter/Indiegogo program to help raise money for your certificates and website.

11. You can give us the log at the event. But send us an email attachment also!

12. At the second event two Coordinators will share 6 foot table (or 3 will share 8 foot table) with the Portfolio Case and three ring binder on top of the table for the Art Competition. (This is the only way we can display works from all 100 Coordinators – it’s larger than a Gymnasium!)

13. If you would like the student’s art displayed on website (with or without photo of student) let us know if your school has parents fill our consent forms in the beginning of the school year.

14. Teachers can post and distribute Flyer-Poster in schools and classrooms and distribute Ideas for Artwork.