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Guinness World Record Guidelines

We have contacted Guinness World Record several times to receive their guidance.

Their latest direction is to require all participants to not only print their name on the back of the art (with school, age and grade) but also to have all participants sign their artwork.

Guinness has also provided us guidelines for younger students:

“If participants cannot sign their name then they may write it printed. If the name is not clear from the writing then an adult may also print it in addition to the artist’s own hand.”

If the young children print their name big, they can write it printed on the back of the artwork.

Please do the best you can to have this completed in time for the preliminary event on April 21.

However, don’t panic!

You will have until the second event, around May 10 or May 17, to complete this process!

Important Info
Guinness will not require videos of the artwork.

Instead, we are providing substantial info to Guinness with our forms and counting procedure.

Therefore, we are no longer asking for artwork to be submitted in plastic folders
You can do this if we want to protect your artwork.
A box or portfolio case is fine.

Please contact Allen if you have additional questions at 773-407-2109.

*Bottom Line Requirements” for Guinness World Record Attempt Now Include:

1) Only one work of art per participant (no photos or prints).

2) 2D Art with students printing school, name, grade and age on the back of the artwork.

3) Students signing their name on the artwork.

4) Arranging the artwork in Alphabetical Order (by last name).

5) Creating a log (inventory list) that contains the information that’s on the back of the artwork in Alphabetical Order.

For a great review of the 5 guidelines, please see this form that will be submitted to Guinness.

Helpful Forms

A. Each Art Teacher will review 100+ artworks and affirm that the five guidelines were followed

1. Here is a form we are sending to Guinness for their review.
2. Please review this form to help guide you (so your artwork won’t be disqualified).
3 . An independent witness, on behalf of Guinness, is required to review the artwork.

B. Denise Barba of Amundsen High School has contributed this log for everyone to use.

Important Information

A. If you have 200 or more artworks, please divide them into groups of 100 artworks each.

1. It will be much easier to you to manage and alphabetize the artworks in groups of 100.
2. To save you time, you can choose to divide the groups arbitrarily into sections of 100 each.
3. It will be much easier to find judges who will review 100 artworks at a time.
4. A form will be filled out for every group of 100 artworks (up to 200 artworks. This will be  easier for judges).
5. If you have over 100 artworks but less then 200 it is not necessary to divide the artworks.

B. Consent forms will be required if you place photos on your school’s website.

Does your school already have parents sign a consent form every year? Please let us know.
Some teachers believe this may be sufficient. Please give us your opinion.

Thank You
Allen and Catherine

Guinness will not require videos of the art