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Founders of the Earth Day Art Event (Benefits)

Are you interested in becoming a founder of the Earth Day Art Event?

For $100 donation, founders can receive certificates for all their students.

We are donating our time and we still have to raise $3,000 for the event by May 18.

You also receive a meaningful website commemorating the event (please see draft).

Please see a sample website here!

We hope you really like it (or its back to the drawing board).

The certificates and websites empower you and your students.

A. You will be empowering your students to help the world through art!

B. You will be one of the most popular teachers your students ever had!

C. Improve school spirit by helping planet earth!

Website Features and Benefits (See Right Side Bar of website)

(All these benefits are optional for your use).

1) See your school’s Environmental Hall of Fame Award (home page)

2) See a slideshow of the 12 Green Megatrend Months.

3) See your photo at Hero of Planet Earth.

You can send another photo or we can use your school’s photo

4) See copies of the Certificates for Students

5) See where you can place Names of Student Participants

6) See where you can place Photos and Artwork of students.

7) Give Hope Awards (Hero of Planet Earth Awards) to your school’s Environmental Club

8) Give Hope Awards to your school’s Environmental Science Fair students

9) 12 Green Megatrend Month Posters. Empower your school (teachers and students) to help the world through art!

10) 12 Green Megatrend Monthly Activity Posters. Great activities for all students and your Environmental Club.

Start your school’s branch of the National Green Team (for a new or existing club to help implement Green Megatrend Activities).

We can customize your website (make changes to features, add additional features). Let us know what works for you!

A. You and students can sell posters ($7 – $2 cost of poster = $5) to be reimbursed for your donation!

B. Teachers would love to post the beautiful posters in their classrooms! Students could win the poster as a special prize!

C. Sell extra posters to raise funds for your other art programs!

D. Or you can create your own fundraising program (please advise).

If you can help, please make your donation here.

We are donating our time and we still have to raise $3,000 for the event by May 18.

Thank You

Allen and Catherine