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Earth Day 2013 Press Release

Announcing the Largest Display of Environmental Art for Earth Day, 2013

We are looking for Student and Adult Entries in Nature Art, Landscape Art, Endangered Species
Climate Change Solutions Images and Sustainable Living Solutions Images

The National Environmental Hall of Fame encourages everyone to submit their own Art Work to Participate
When enough Art Work is submitted, we will attempt a Guinness World Record!

The World Largest Display of Environmental Art may be held at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, the World’s Largest LEED Building on Sunday, April 21, 2013.

For adults and students!
We invite all Parents to invite their children to participate.
We invite all Teachers and Art Teachers to invite their students to participate.

The Earth Day theme is Planet Earth and Solutions to Help Planet Earth.

Planet Earth themes can include Nature Art and Photography, such as, but not limited to Landscape and Endangered Species Art and Photography

Solutions to Help Planet Earth include Climate Change Solutions Art and Photography and Sustainable Living Solutions Art and Photography. Please go here for additional ideas!

Art Teachers, Artists and Art Lovers from the Chicago Area are invited to be Judges
We need 100 judges to help for 1-3 hours each. We are hoping for 10,000 entries.

Individuals will receive 1st place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place and Runner up awards for a) for student and adult entrees, b) art and photography entries, c) in each of the 12 Green Megatrends. A poster with the top 12 Green Megatrends for each city and school that submits entries.

You may also qualify to attempt a Guinness World Record.

The event will be held on Sunday, April 21. First Place winners in each of the 12 Categories, for both art and photography, will be announced on Earth Day, Monday, April 22, 2013.

Art must be received no later than March 31. Please mail submissions here.

There is no cost for entry, however we are asking for a donation ($5 or more) if you can afford it. This will help cover our costs for the competition and poster for you city and school. For $10 we will place your entry in a poster/calendar and place your entry online (free if we receive your artwork by January 31).

All entries who make a donation will receive a certificate that they were part of the competition, Participants will also receive the HOPE Award (Hero of Planet Earth Award) from the National Environmental Hall of Fame. Judges receive all these benefits for free!

Please see instructions for sending us your artwork.