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Earth Day Art Event (Detailed Checklist)

This is a draft of a checklist about the event. We would like your feedback.

Please copy and paste this list to an email and send to

Please respond to each of the 12 items on the checklist/survey below so that we know what your plans are for the Earth Day Art Event! Please send your response to

A. We are now about 6 weeks away from the World’s Largest Display of Environmental Art and Guinness World Record  attempt for Earth Day.

 B. Please see wonderful letters of support from the Chicago Public Schools, Chicago City Council and State of Illinois (attached).

C. We now have over 120 Schools (including Art Studios) participating in the World’s Largest Display of Environmental Art.

D. We have achieved our goal of over 10,000 works of art pledged for the World’s Largest Display of Environmental Art for Earth Day! Yay!

E. Over 14,000 works of art have been pledged to date. (The goal for the event is 100 schools and 10,000 works of art).

Please respond to each of the 12 items on the checklist/survey below so that we know what your plans are for the Earth Day Art Event! Please send your response to

If you have a problem with an item below, don’t worry about it, we’ll still figure out a way to make it work for you!

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to bring as many works of art to the event!

Please copy and paste this list to an email and send to

Please indicate your plans below each of the 12 points:

1. Your school will receive the Environmental Hall of Fame Award for bringing 100 artworks. Your school will receive additional recognition and video coverage if you bring more than 100 artworks, Please indicate how many works of art you intend to bring (What are your plans?)

2A. Artwork can be created in one classroom session. Artists can polish artwork at home. Only one artwork per participant. (What are your plans?)

2B. Alternatively, artwork can be collected from existing art or art shows. (What are your plans?)

3. Ideal size for artwork is 8.5 x 11. (What are your plans?)

A. This size allows artworks to be easily scanned and made into prints.

B. This also allows art to be placed in 3 holed plastic sheet protectors.

C. Please place sheet protectors in three ring binders with a nice graphic of the school inserted on the cover.

D. All the above will facilitate judging of the art for the event and look great in the You Tube Video.

4. Alternatively, you can create larger artwork that fits into an art portfolio carrying case. (What are your plans?)

5A. Please have artists write their name, school, grade and age on the back of each artwork.

If they would like email notification of their Guinness World Record Attempt they can include an email (and phone)

5B. Please sort the artwork alphabetically and create an alphabetical log of each artist, in Excel or Microsoft Word (appx 1-3 pp/100 artworks).

5C. Please email the log to us as an attachment as soon as possible (prior to the event if possible). Guinness requires a log. (What are your plans?)

6. We ask the Coordinator or their representative to arrive by 9 AM at the Menomonee Club, 1535 N Dayton, on Sunday, April 21. This way judging can begin right away so we can finish on time. Parking is available but limited. Please let us know if you are taking the Red Line (North and Clybourn, 1 block away) or driving. (What are your plans?)

7. If possible, please scan the 12 best artworks that we so that we can make them into a calendar. Please email us the scans before the event (either as attachments or in a zip folder). You will eventually need consent forms, that can be turned in at the time of the event or afterwards (but before the art is made into a poster, hopefully by June). (What are your plans?)

8. Coordinators are encouraged to stay until 3-5 PM for public viewing of the art. This is not a requirement. If you can, please print out your 12 best artworks so that we can display them if you have to leave before 5 PM (see #7). If you have the option, you can print them on card stock. Please let us know if this is possible. (What are your plans?)

9A. A $1 entry fee is listed on our web page at World’s Largest Display of Environmental Art. If you ask students “Who would like to be in a meaningful Guinness World Record for only $1″ the vast majority of students would raise their hands.

At this point, it does not look like we will break even on the event.

9B. Scholarships are allowed for 50 out of 100 artists based on economic hardship. Therefore, at the very least, you only have to collect $50 (Only $1 from 50 artists). No participant will be turned away! If you are not able to collect the entry fee from 50 participants, please do the best you can.

9C. In addition to receiving recognition for being part of the Guinness World Record Attempt, students receive 10 wonderful additional benefits. (What are your plans?)

10A.  Could you please make a payment of at least $50 for the first 50 artworks collected as soon as possible? Alternatives for raising the entry fee are a candy fundraiser and students selling prints of their artwork for $5 to family and friends. We invite your suggestions and ideas.

10B. We need to raise $900 for the Menomonee Club deposit this week. If you can make a $50 payment this week we will thank you by waiving all additional entry fees (What are your plans?)

10C. There are no additional entry fees if more that 100 artworks are submitted.

11. At this point, it does not look like we will break even on the event. Please let us know if you would like to help with a fundraiser. (What are your plans?)

Or you can help by making an additional donation here.

12. Very Important: Guinness requires substantial video proof of the event.

A. Please let us know if you can bring a video camera (and tripod if you have one) to the event. Video taping may be even more important than judging, since we will have plenty of judges.

B. Please let us know if you would like to be excused from judging and help us video tape. Thank You so much!

We will be creating You Tube videos. By bringing a video camera you can be reassured that your art work will have substantial coverage at the event! (What are your plans?)

Please see several additional points here (you don’t have to respond to them now if you don’t want to).

Please let us know if you would like to advise us about the event.

You can make a commitment greater than 100 works of art (eg, 200, 300 or more). Schools or school districts with the largest number of artworks will receive a higher ranking on the Guinness World Record Attempt Website.

Bonus: If you are able to inspire another school to become Coordinator for the event, we will provide your school with extended coverage in our Guinness World Record Attempt You Tube Video.

This is a great opportunity to inspire future artists to be part of a meaningful Guinness World Record Attempt!

If there are any questions, please contact us at You can reach Allen at 773-407-2109

Information about Event Organizers

 The National Environmental Hall of Fame® has presented awards to Harrison Ford, Pierce Brosnan, Art Linkletter and Ed Begley, Jr.

Please see environmental award to Mayor Richard Daley and Mayor Rahm Emanuel at Earth Week 2012 (right side bar, home page).

Environmental awards have also been presented to over 30 Cities and Mayors.

We still have to raise $7,000 by April 21 and $900 for the deposit for the Menomonee Club next week.

Thank You!
Allen and Catherine

National Sustainability Association®
National Environmental Hall of Fame®
Allen Rubin
Catherine Corbin