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National Sustainability Monthly Holidays Quilt

The Big Picture

The following was submitted as part of our Application for the Guinness World Record.

It’s much more than winning a contest. It’s a meaningful competition to help Planet Earth.

You will be part of a great opportunity to advance the most powerful program to improve sustainable education.

Please see Ideas for Artwork.

1) The Importance of the Guinness World Record

We have developed the Green Megatrends® program. Each month corresponds to a different green megatrend.

The 12 Green Megatrends correspond to the 12 recommendations of the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement (endorsed by 1000 cities).

The Green Megatrends program is endorsed by top environmentalists nationwide.

Please see endorsements from different cities.

See our World’s Largest Environmental Quilt

The quilt will be displayed at the Guinness World Record Attempt

The World’s Largest Environmental Quilt is an example of Climate Change Solutions Images.

We offer a top sustainable education program to help support a community’s green initiatives.

Art will relate to

a) one or more of the 12 Green Megatrends

b) or one or more of the 12 recommendations of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement (they correspond very well to each other).

Through the Largest Display of Climate Change Solutions Images Guinness World Record will be instrumental in facilitating the creation of one of the world’s largest data base of best practices to help cities “go green.” This would be a wonderful achievement to help the world!

Cities will not have to re-create the wheel. Communities will be able to choose the best sustainability practices from each city from this data base.

Below each image on the data base will be a link to information about the sustainability initiative.

This data base will help cities make better informed decisions on how to create top sustainability initiatives for their community

This data base information will not only save money for each city and its citizens, it also helps to address concerns about climate change.

Extreme weather patterns throughout the world may indicate greater possibility of climate change.

2) Our Qualifications

Activities for the National Sustainability Association (NSA) include the National Environmental Hall of Fame, Community Green Exhibitions and the National Environmental Science Fair

The NSA is already working with several cities to create a poster of their 12 top environmental initiatives based upon the

12 Green Megatrends.

The top image for each Green Megatrends Month, approved by the city, is placed on a poster.

Below is a link to photos with posters and quilts that contain top environmental initiatives of several cities. They were presented to many cities during Earth Week, 2012.

We can send you links to over 18 Green Megatrends posters we have created for cities so far.

Funds are then raised by local businesses to turn the poster into a quilt

We will display additional Climate Change Solutions Images to participate in the GWR.

Milestones for the Environmental Hall of Fame



























































































GWR Updates




The following is scheduled to occur at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago on Sunday, April 21, 2013, from 11 AM – 6 PM. This is the day before Earth Day.




The Merchandise Mart is the World’s Largest LEED building. This is a fitting place to hold 7 of the largest world records for the environment.




The 7 world records we wish to achieve below may give us National TV Coverage.




Although the records below may appear to be ambitious, we have been working towards these goals for the last 5 years and have four full months to prepare for the event.




We were also inspired by Guinness World Record Week on “Live with Regis and Kelly”




The event and each participant will be photographed and on video




Written Instructions to will be given to each participant regarding:


      Name tag requirements


      Photograph requirement


      Students need signed permission to be in photograph/video from parent and/or teacher


      Signed permission to be in photograph and video if not a student


      Instructions to not remove art work from display tables


      Instructions to be vigilant to remind others if they remove art work from display tables




Times and venue are subject to change.




We have divided our GWR application into two parts with regards to #2 and #3 below:




1) Largest Display of Environmental Quilts, including World’s Largest Environmental Quilt (WLEQ). See our previous GWR Application. (We understand that this may not qualify for GWR). The WLEQ will be displayed all day.






2) Largest Display of Nature Art (with an emphasis on Landscape Art)


      See GWR Application


      Arranged alphabetically by artist or art period (e.g., Impressionist, Modern)


      Estimate 1000 – 3000 images displayed in 100 – 300 three ring binders


      Displayed on 30 – 100 tables


      Time: 11 AM – 12 PM






3) Largest Display of Climate Change Solution Images


(Including Sustainable Living Images)


      See GWR Application


      Including Art, Drawing, Prints and Photography  


      Estimate 1000 – 3000 images displayed in 100 – 300 three ring binders


      Displayed on 30 – 100 tables


      Time: 12 PM – 1 PM






4) Largest Display of Environmental Science Fair (ESF) Projects


We are the National Environmental Science Fair and have given HOPE Awards (Hero of Planet Earth Awards) to over 300 students for their Environmental Science Fair Projects (details here)




      Students will accompany their science fair display boards


      Name of student and school will be displayed on their name tag


      Students will display their science fair boards alphabetically by their last name


      Estimate 100 – 300 ESF Projects displayed on science fair display boards


      Displayed on 30 – 100 tables


      2-3 display boards per table


      Students can easily hold their display if more students arrive then expected


      Name of student and school will be on name tag


      Time: 1 PM – 2 PM






5) Largest Gathering of School Environmental Clubs


      We are the National Association of Environmental Clubs (also here,  here and here)


      There is no listing in Google for the “Largest Gathering of School Environmental Clubs”


      This may allow the record to be achieved with just 300 – 500 students


      Name of student and school will be displayed on their name tag


      Students are required to attend Largest Display of Environmental Science Fair Projects


      Some students with ESF Projects may also be members of School Environmental Clubs


      ESF students need to bring a signed letter from their teacher as proof of membership


      ESF students who are members of student clubs would help bring our numbers up


      Students can elect to stay for additional events


      Estimate 300 – 500 students/ at least 50 Environmental Clubs






6) Largest Presentation of Environmental Curriculum


See Info here


Presentations will cover one of 12 topics from one of the 12 Green Megatrends


Or 12 recommendations of the Mayors Climate Protection Agreement


(They correspond very well to each other – please see our GWR Application for details)




      The topic will be chosen by student or faculty presenter


      Each presenter will have 1 minute to present an overview of their curriculum


      Name of presenter and school will be displayed on their name tag


      Presentations will be made in order of the presenter’s last name


      Estimate 100 presenters


      Time: 2 PM – 4 PM




















7) Largest Gathering of Bands Playing Simultaneously


The bands will sing and play along to the song rated the #1 Environmental Song of all time


See background info here


(As rated this week by the National Environmental Hall of Fame):




“Hey You” written and performed by Madonna at Al Gore’s 7/7/07 Concert




      We are going to  call it the “Harmony of the Bands” instead of the “Battle of the Bands”


      Estimate 50 – 100 Bands


      Minimum 1 guitar, 1 drum (or drum-like instrument, e.g., bongo), 1 keyboard or


soloist per band


      The participants name and name of their band will be displayed on their name tag


      Proof of band required with URL for Facebook, My Space, Blog, or Website


      Lyrics and music sheets will be handed out to participants in advance (and at event)


      We’ll rehearse for ½ hour


      Time: 4 PM – 5 PM













Potential Coordinators


Art Alliance
Art Schools
Art Show Illinois
Art Show USA
Art Store
Boys Clubs
Cedar Rapids
Chicago Park District
Children’s Museum
City Colleges
Davenport Moline
Eric Heineman
History Museum
Ida Crown
Latin School
Milwaukee City (or Studio)
Peggy Notebart
Ravenswood Walk
Ricky Recycle
Senior Center
Whole Foods