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National Sustainability Monthly Holidays Quilt

10 Benefits for Participating

We offer 10 great benefits below that make the contribution very inspiring and appealing. Participants can choose to receive any or all of the benefits and bonuses. Please see tremendous benefits and bonuses below.

10 Great Benefits

1) Enrollment in the World’s Largest Display of Environmental Art  and Guinness World Record Attempt

2) A website that will record the event for your school (and much more) ($100 value!)

3) We will send the Coordinator a template for a certificates, suitable for framing, acknowledging each person’s participation in the Guinness World Record Attempt. The Coordinator can write in the name of every student who participated on each certificate and give it to them. Or we can print out a professional looking certificate for $5. ($10 value!)

4) We will create a poster of the 12 top Artworks that correspond to the 12 Green Megatrends that you could print out and place in classrooms.  Students could even sell the poster for $5 to be reimbursed for their contribution! (The students would make a profit!) ($20 value!)

5) The Environmental Hall of Fame will create a special web page for your school, including the school logo, that lists the name of every participant. This is another way the participants can prove that they were part of the Guinness World Record Attempt. (Just send us a list of participants on a Microsoft Word Document in alphabetical order. One name per line please). ($10 value!)

6) We will place a You Tube Video of the Guinness World Record Attempt on your special webpage. ($10 value!)

7) We will also include a second You Tube Video of the artwork submitted by your school so you, your family and friends can see your art. ($10 value!)

8) You can create your own web or blog that links to the special web page created for you by the Environmental Hall of Fame. You can display individual photos of students with their or just the artwork of each student on the website (please see consent form). ($10 value!)

9)  All art contributors can take a group photo to be posted in the Environmental Hall of Fame website. The 12 winners for the 12 Green Megatrends Contest, as part of the Guinness World Record, can have their photos posted with their poster in the Environmental Hall of Fame. Please see Ideas for Artwork for details about the 12 Green Megatrends.

10) Students can receive funds selling their artwork online.

Please feel free to suggest your own ideas to help increase the value of this opportunity. We want the participants to be genuinely excited and happy about their contribution! The program will inspire students to become future artists!