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National Sustainability Monthly Holidays Quilt

Student Thank You

Benefits for $5 Contribution

A. Participants could contribute $5 to have their artwork posted online. They could print out their artwork and sell to family and friends for $5 or more. Prints of the Artwork could be sold at school to help raise funds for the event. This way the artists could even make money on their project.

B. We will also create a professional looking certificate, suitable for framing, regarding the artist’s participation in the Guinness World Record Attempt!

C. We will designate any participate who contributes $5 or more a sponsor. Their name will go on your website as a sponsor, above the lists of all the participants.

Benefits for $10 Contribution

Participants could contribute $10 to have their artwork placed in a poster in the appropriate Green Megatrends Month associated with their Environmental Artwork.

We could sure use your help!

Please email your ideas suggestions to us at

We need to raise $12,000 for the Earth Day Art Event. Here are our expenses:

$3,000 for the Menomonee Club space (Including Insurance and Table Rental)
$3,000 for Basic Overhead Expenses the next three months
$1,000 for Mailings and Advertising
$1,000 for Web Development
$1,000 for Guinness World Record Videos
$1,000 for Office Assistant
$1,000 to Fast Track Competition Results to Guinness World Record
$1,000 for Travel and Lodging

National Sustainability Association® Mission Statement
To promote 12 Green Megatrends® as National Sustainability Monthly Holidays to help each community become more aware of and implement holistic, sustainable best practices to “Go Green.” Awards given through the Environmental Hall of Fame® will help determine best practices.

Environmental Hall of Fame® and National Green Museum® Exhibition are activities of National Sustainability Association®, a 501(c)3 public charity. Donations made to National Sustainability Association® may be tax deductible. Please verify with your tax professional.

Please call us at 773-407-2109 for more information.

We have thought of several benefits to inspire each individual to contribute $1 for their artwork submission.

This would help raise $100 for each 100 artworks submitted (again, this is optional).