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Earth Day Art Event Updates

97 Schools (including Art Studios) have given email confirmation they will bring 100+ works of art to the Earth Day Art Event on April 21. 10,000 works of art are required for the Guinness World Record Attempt!

We still require an email confirmation that includes the projected number of artworks. Please send your email to If you have questions, please call Allen at 773-407-2109.

Please View Names of 97Participating Schools (Including Art Studios) to date.

1) We need an email confirmation of your attendance and approximate number of artworks. Please contact us at If you have questions, please call Allen at 773-407-2109.

2) Please Help us Inform Other Principals and Art Teachers.

We may no longer have time to contact new schools to participant in the art event.

However, we would like to encourage Art Teachers and all Teachers to contact their colleagues in other schools. Schools that bring 100 works of art will be honored with an Environmental Hall of Fame Award. We will also honor teachers who encourage a colleague to participate from another school with a personal Environmental Hall of Fame Award. (This is for schools not already participating)

3) Important Details

4) Please see sample website  and certificates available for your students as a great record and fond memory of the event.

You may become one the most favorite teachers your students ever had!

Available for a small donation.

5) Request for Donations
We are a non-profit organization, donating our time for the event. We still need to raise $4,000 before the event. Our expenses for the event will be around $18,000.

For a small donation, we can create a website for each school to record the school and student’s environmental achievements and achievements as part of the World’s Largest Display of Environmental Art and Guinness World Record Attempt. Students will also receive a certificate for being part of this historical event. Each school will receive 10 benefits for their help. Please see sample website for more details.

Although we are asking for a small donation, no participant will be turned away due to financial hardship.

6) Please See Fundraising Ideas

7) Please contact us if you know of a local business that would like to get their help. Their name and logo can be associated with your website.

8) Please arrive by 9 AM! If you can come earlier (8 AM to 9 AM) to help us that would be great!


Since teachers are bringing 2D Artwork in a three ring binder, portfolio case or box, it should be fairly easy to transport everything via the CTA Red-Line. The event is just a block from North and Clybourn. If you still need parking please send us an email to


If you can help with items A, B and C below, please email us at For questions, please call Allen at 773-407-2109.

A) 10 Video Cameras and Tripods - Let us know if you or your school can loan these for a few hours. Even better, if you know how to use the video camera. Also, let us know if you know how to create a You Tube Video! Your school will be assured of great coverage at the event if you bring your own Video Camera!

B) 10 Good Quality Cameras! Connect with us at the event on how we will be taking photographs for the Guinness World Record Attempt! Please send us email attachments of all the best photos you take! Please do not publish anything without our consent (and until we can verify that we have a consent form for the individual artist).

C) 5 Scanners - To scan and make JPEGS out of the best artworks. Most printers have a scanner. Please let us know if you or your school can supply one!