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National Sustainability Monthly Holidays Quilt


10 Wonderful Bonuses (Individuals can choose to participate in any or all of them)

1) We will allow your participants to create a school branch of the Environmental Hall of Fame and National Sustainability Association. Students could volunteer or  hold elections to be officers. We would like everyone to be part of a meaningful project to help their home or school. Please send us lists of students who want to participate. They may have their own ideas to help their school. ($10 Value!)

2) The club branch can give the HOPE Award (Hero of Planet Earth Award) to a deserving student, teacher or club who is helping the environment. We will provide a certificate to the honoree.

3) The club can take a photo with the honoree holding their and place it on the website. ($10 Value!)

4) One of the activities of the National Sustainability Association is the National Environmental Science Fair.  A HOPE Award can be given to every Environmental Science Fair Exhibit (an Science Fair exhibit that is related to the environment). Most science fair exhibits are related to the environment). ($10 Value!)

5) Participants will receive recognition for providing your school a free curriculum based upon the 12 Green Megatrends. We will provide a new curriculum based upon the Green Megatrend of that month.

6) The curriculum will help your school and each student’s home to become more green. An image from one of the Guinness submitted artworks will be the logo for that monthly curriculum. Please see Ideas for Artwork for details about the 12 Green Megatrends. ($10 Value)

7) We are accepting curriculum contributions from students and faculty  at each school. The school club could help publicize this. There will be a school contest for the best curriculum for next year’s Earth Day. ($10 Value)

8) Your club will be able to give an environmental award for the Best Green Megatrends Curriculum in your school next year. Your club photo will be in the Environmental Hall of Fame.

9) Participants can be part of and help inspire students to submit for next year’s Earth Day Program. We hope to triple in size! ($10 Value)

10) Please brainstorm with us to see how we can increase the value of this program. ($10 Value)

Please help us raise $100 for each 100 works of art submitted from your school (from the ideas above).

(If a student raises $5 that might offset funds for a student who isn’t able to make a contribution. Or a student may wish to donate $2 to help offset funds for one who isn’t able to make a contribution.)