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National Sustainability Monthly Holidays Quilt

Event Details

1. Each participant is allowed to contribute one work of art (2 dimensional, no computer graphics or prints. All grade levels can participate).

2. The teachers can work with other art teachers (or volunteers) at their school (or more than one school) to bring the number up to at least 100 artworks.

3. The Coordinator is invited to attend the event or assign another teacher, parent or student to represent them at the event.

4. If the teacher decides to attend, they can judge 100 artworks from another school that participates in the event (optional, not required).

5. The teacher or representative is only required to stay until 2 or 3 PM (until the art judging event is over).

6. The teacher or representative can bring the artwork back with them at 2 or 3 PM or stay until the event is over at 7 PM.

7. The event is open to the public, including student participants, from 2 PM – 7 PM.

Preparing for the Event

Additional Event Details