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National Sustainability Monthly Holidays Quilt

Empower Your Students!

Empower Your Students with the Guinness World Record, Certificates and Website!

1) To receive adequate funding to organize  this event, we really need to receive $100 per school. In return we offer great benefits.

2) Each of your students would receive certificates  and your school and students would receive a website for the event. And much more.

3) You send us the pictures and we can post them for you! You will be the one of the most popular teachers your students ever had.

4) We have a way for you to receive you donation back (the posters we handed out at the event).

5) You can even organize your own fundraising event (including candy sales)

Empower your Environmental Club Students and Environmental Science Fair Students with the HOPE Award

1) Your Environmental Club Students and Environmental Science Fair Students would each receive a group photo and the HOPE Award (Hero of Planet Earth Award). We would send certificates and post photos on your website

2) Please let us know who to contact at your school for these two groups.

3) Your Principal can give an Environmental Hall of Fame Award to the most deserving student.

4) Many teachers are asking their principal and other teachers to help out.

5) Please have the Environmental Club Teacher and Science Fair Teacher contact us!

Empower You School and Students with The National Green Team

1) For $1, each student could be part of the National Green Team.

2) Your school could be a local branch of the National Green Team and offer monthly Green Megatrends, the top 12 suggestions to help the planet each month.

3) This could be part of your school’s environmental club, or we could start an environmental club at your school.
Please let us know who we should contact!

4) The posters combine Art Lessons with empowering students to help the planet. Art with a great purpose!

5) The images from the posters representing each month include artwork from Michaelangelo, Pissaro, Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Da Vinci, Raphael, Durer and Blake. It will inspire students to realize how relevant art is to inspire people help the planet.

A. The first poster you received introduced the 12 months.

B. The second poster you received gave 12 specific suggestions each month to help the planet.

6) Posters could be purchased to fund the event.

7) They would be beautiful monthly reminders to help the planet.