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Environmental Curriculum Awards

Would you like to develop an online quiz of 25-100 questions based on one of the top articles about the environment or sustainability?

You can also develop an online quiz of 10-25 questions based on the most important environmental topic of the day.

  1. Participants will receive acknowledgment in the categories of Student, Teacher or Individual for their “mini-curriculum.”
  2. Each participant will receive the HOPE Award (Hero of Planet Earth Award) and national recognition.
  3. Individuals and schools nationwide will be allowed to use your online quiz as part of a school environmental curriculum.
  4. Individuals and schools nationwide will be also be allowed to use your online quiz as part of the environmental curriculum of the National Sustainability Association.
  5. The best entry in in each of the three categories will be inducted into the Environmental Hall of Fame in their school, city or state.

How to Develop Your Quiz

  1. Please choose the quiz you would like to develop from the list of articles here.
  2. You may recommend a different article if you wish. We will let you know within one day if it is approved.
  3. Email us the name of the article you have chosen and let us know your timeline.
  4. Go to, choose Quia Web and set up a 30 day free trial to create a quiz for the curriculum.
  5. Choose the Multiple Choice question.
  6. Use the quiz as a learning opportunity, offering multiple choice options that teach content (see example here).
  7. Please email us to let us know when you have finished the quiz so we can review it and make suggestions.