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Last Minute Reminders

Please contact us at If you have questions, please call Allen at 773-407-2109.

Bottom Line Guidelines for Guinness World Record Attempt.

Below are additional important details:

A) Please send us email confirmation if you plan to attend, with the number of projected artworks. Please update us even if you have sent an email previously. This will save us from having to call all 140 art teachers to ask for verification.

B) Please have every artist write their school name, name, age and grade on the back of each artwork.

C) You have the option of placing artwork in a three ring binder (in plastic sheet protectors), art portfolio case or box. If you have more than 100 works of art, please separate in blocks of 100 (to help with judging).

D) The best artwork may be marked by judges with circular tabs on the back, so if you want to protect your best artworks, we recommend plastic sheet protectors.

E) Please organize all artwork in alphabetical order. This will help judges verify for Guinness that there is only one artwork per artist.

F) Please create a log of every participant with their name, age and grade on an excel sheet or microsoft word document as proof for Guinness.

G) Please send us JPEG attachments of your top artists prior to the event (if possible). Otherwise, be prepared to give a self addressed stamped manilla envelope so that we can scan your 12 best artworks after the event (and send them back to you).

H) We’ve been advised by some teachers to have students submit the parental consent form before we send the results to Guinness World Records. This may delay our sending in results to Guinness for a month or two until the consent forms are in. However, this will allow participants and their artwork to be featured on the website that much sooner.

I) If possible, please have the consent forms for your 12 top artists, by scanning them as a JPEG  email attachment before, at or after the event.

J) Please email us if you need parking. Parking is limited. Please take CTA if possible (the event is just a block a way)

K) Let us know if you can bring your video camera, good camera or scanner (see details on Earth Day Art Event page)

L) Please arrive by 9 AM! If you can come earlier (8 AM to 9 AM) to help us that would be great!

M) Please invite more teachers from your school to attend the event! They can help us with judging and be in the Guinness World Record Video!

Please help! We need to raise $4,000 before the event. Your students will receive a certificate! Your school and students will receive a great website for your help. You will be remembered as one of the greatest teachers your students ever had!