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Response to Surveys

We Need Your Help!

Below is a response to some of the surveys we have been reading. We will be updating this page regularly with your additional comments and suggestions, so please check back in a week.

Thank you for your suggestions in the survey you responded to. Your feedback for the April 21 dress rehearsal was very helpful. We will do our best to implement your suggestions at the official Guinness World Record Attempt at the May 18 event. If you see something at the event that needs attention, please inform us immediately so that we can respond to it.

If we could have more volunteer help, it will free up Allen’s time during the event so he could address concerns of people at the event. (He could be even more friendly and less overwhelmed).

We need three volunteers to make 5  minute presentations. You would have a microphone and written instructions on what to say.

1) It took a great deal of organization, and four months of full time work, to inspire almost 90 schools to participate in an event that informally broke the Guinness World Record. We had no budget and no staffing and this was our first art event.

2) Although the room was not too large, some of the people in the back of the room were not able to hear everything going on. We were able locate sound system about half way through the event.

3a) We were in regular communication with Guinness. However, Guinness did not reveal to us until March that they needed student signatures.  As soon as we found out we passed this information onto you. Congratulate yourselves for being flexible pioneers!

3b) The last group that attempted this event was disqualified by Guinness so we have been trying to be extra careful. Guinness will not be lenient. It’s not as easy as it looks,

4) The dress rehearsal was a lot more organized then it looked. We were up late into the night switching rooms (see #8) and were not able to print the agenda. However, the agenda was online and displayed prominently for a month.

9:00 – 9:45 Counting of All Artwork and Video Taping of Results
9:45 – 10:00 Review of Guinness World Record Guidelines
10:00 – 10:15 Review of Your School’s Website
10:15 – 10:30 Local Environmental Hall of Fame and Founders Awards
10:30 – 11:00 Group Photo with Environmental Hall of Fame Award

We followed the agenda pretty carefully. We handed out a page of the most important Guinness Guidelines and reviewed them towards the end. We also reviewed the two beautiful and meaningful fundraising posters (part of the website).

We are now asking everyone to print up the May 18 agenda a week before the event and bring it with them.

5) We assumed everyone knew the agenda since it was displayed so prominently online for a month. The question is, why didn’t anyone mention to us that they weren’t aware of the agenda? Not one person! We could have easily written it up in 5-10 minutes and posted it in the front and back of the room. It’s a good thing we had a dress rehearsal!

6) Therefore, we would like to formally request that art teachers help mentor us before the event. And if you see anything at the May 18 event that could be improved upon, please inform us immediately with specific suggestions on how to improve it (and even volunteer to help improve it).

7) It looks like we are on target to surpass the Guinness World Record. This is one of the only Guinness World Record art events that art teachers and their students can participate in. We could welcome some validation and appreciation. Please acknowledge what we have done right.

8) Very Close Call: We were scheduled to have the event in one of the two gymnasiums.  The evening before the event we were told there would be a basketball game in the second gymnasium next to us. This would have made the event very noisy. We had to switch rooms late into the night.

This made us late in setting up the next day. We didn’t even have time to do last minute printing (including the agenda). Since we were late, we could have been more friendly instead of so business like. We apologize!

Fortunately, we were able to start the event on time.

9) We asked teachers to bring their artwork instead of leaving it at home because we really needed to see that the artwork was completed. Because Guinness is so concerned about guidelines, we thought this was the very least we could do.

Independent representatives for Guinness are being scheduled for the official May 18 event and we don’t want your hard work to be disqualified!

10) We would also like to be acknowledged for scheduling a dress rehearsal (and surveys) on April 21. This will allow us to be more organized for the official event on May 18.

11) You are probably used to working with art events that have a budget, adequate staffing and years of experience. We have been volunteering full time for the last four months on an event that requires a year of work.

We have no budget and no staffing.  We started out with very little guidelines and this is our first art event. Please let us know if you would like to help. We asked every teacher who had time to talk with us if they would like to advise us. Only one teacher volunteered to help us.

12) We still need to raise $3,000 before the event. We could use your help! We offer incredible benefits to each school that can donate $100.  You can easily be reimbursed with poster sales and your own fundraising efforts. The certificates and website we offer will make you one of the most popular teachers your students ever had!

13) A special thank you to the following teachers who helped us at the event: Krystal Webb for consulting; Eslavia Garza for registration; Beth Cha for ushering; Jeanne Rivera and Ana Romero for score keeping; Patrice Lucas for photography and Daisy Roman for videography.

Another special thank you to Amy and Tony Vecchioni and Scott and Marya Veeck for set up; as well as Bob Parida and Kathy Haerr for their overall assistance during the event.

Allen was averaging about 5 hours of sleep each night two weeks before the event. Hard Work! We really do need volunteers!

14) Some teachers were contacted more than once since we received a verbal but not an email confirmation.

It was recommended that we have an event for the public. When we have enough funds, staff and location we can consider this. Please contact us if you would like to help. Thank You!

We welcome your suggestions.

*Any encouragement and positive comments you can give us would be greatly appreciated. Please let us know what we are doing right.

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