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Awards Ceremony Timetable

Before Awards Ceremony

  • 3 months: Register Online (you probably just did this to get to this page)
  • 2 months: We start contacting possible honorees for your community
  • 1-2 months: You send us Information Needed for your feature
  • 2-4 weeks: We set specific time and location for awards ceremony
  • 1 week: An email sent to you with your 2-4 minute awards ceremony presentation to rehearse and we set up printing the Awards Ceremony Documents with printer of your choice (FedEx Office, Office Depot, etc.)
  • 2-3 days: You rehearse with us the awards ceremony presentation, photo op and who receives which awards
  • 1 day: Finalize any concerns
  • 1 hour: Call us, 641-451-5199, to go over any last minute details

After Awards Ceremony

  • 1 hour: Go over details of how the event unfolded and discuss details
  • 1 day: Email photos from event, along with names and titles of people in photos, with your 2-3 sentence (50-60 words) testimonial
  • 2-3 days: We put your photo and Testimonial on our website
  • 3 days: Email us referrals that would allow you to get discounts on your next awards ceremony
  • 1 week: Start contacting 10 or more schools to find out the name and phone number of the environmental club coordinator and science fair coordinator, which we will then contact for you. This will provide you an opportunity to give HOPE Awards to students.
  • 1-2 weeks: Photo from awards ceremony goes in your Community Green Guide

Online National Environmental Science Fair Schedule

Students can start with Level 1 at their own pace. Each level should only take 5-10 hours to complete. They can take 3 months or longer to complete each level, and it should only take approximately 2 hours per month.

Once all three levels are completed, the student is eligible to attend an exhibition.

National Environmental Science Fair plans to have an exhibition in Spring 2011.

Exhibition details will be emailed to all enrolled students as soon as they become available, as well as posted on this page.